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Fridays Collections will be picked up Monday morning Feb 7th

PGH.ST's mission is to help tame the complexity of the trash & recycling collections schedule for the residents of the City of Pittsburgh.

PGH.ST is currently undergoing major updates. During this time features like text & e-mail reminders are not available. Please bear with us thru this transition phase as we work to provide a better experience.

Why can't I find my address?
Here are some common reasons for not being able to find your home address in our database:
1) You live outside the city of Pittsburgh (such as in a neighboring township or borough). Pittsburgh's refuse and recycling services are only available to residents of the city
2) Your trash is not picked up by the city of Pittsburgh's Department of Public Works. For instance, if you live in a medium-to-large apartment building or an office building, your trash is picked up by a private company, and we don't know when those pickups occur. The city of Pittsburgh only provides trash collection services to individual homes and small multi-unit apartments (limited to ~4-6 units).

If you are having trouble finding your address in our system, you can try entering just part of the address. Entering just the house number and street name may work better. For example, searching for "1199 Clair" would return the address "1199 N ST CLAIR ST PITTSBURGH, PA 15206".
The system also supports partial matching: "1199 Cla" works for the above example, and entering your ZIP code is optional.

If you still think that your address should be in our database but the system cannot find it, please let us know. Send your address to
How does PGH.ST find my address?
Our database has entries for every city block where trash pickups occur. Each block is represented by a street name, a range of house numbers (for example, "100-900"), and the day of the week that trash pickups occur there. We search our database to find the house-number range and street name that match your address.
What does PGH.ST do with the data it collects?
PGH.ST uses your data to provide you with reliable reminders and alerts. We will not sell it or share it, nor will you ever receive advertisements from us via either your phone or e-mail address.
Is any of the PGH.ST data public?
The database we use to find your trash collection schedule is public data, made possible through the Pittsburgh Open Data initiative, the city of Pittsburgh, and the Steel City Codefest.
Where did the the trash-collection database come from, and where can I see it?
It originates from the City of Pittsburgh Department of Public Works. You can also access it through our REST API: &
How do I unsubscribe from the e-mail reminders?
Simply click the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any e-mail reminder from PGH.ST.
How do i unsubscribe from the text reminders?
Simply text "Stop" to to stop receiving text reminders. If at any point you'd like to resume receiving reminders, just text "Start" to
If you have any problems unsubscribing, please send an e-mail describing the problem to
How do I delete my account?
First, unsubscribe from all reminders you are receiving; then send an e-mail to with your e-mail address and request that we delete your account. We will handle your request as quickly as we can.
I do not live in the city. How can I get this service?
The PGH.ST code is under the MIT open source license, meaning that we will make it available to anyone that wants to use it to build a service like PGH.ST.
We plan to eventually post the source code on GitHub.
Is the government involved with PGH.ST?
PGH.ST is an independent civic-minded initiative separate from any government held offices. However, PGH.ST would not have been possible without the guidance from and partnership with the City of Pittsburgh and the Steel City Codefest.
Special thanks goes to: Laura Meixell, City of Pittsburgh Steel City Codefest Jennifer Wilhelm, URA The Forbes Fund New Sun Rising
For more information on the trash and recycling services provided by the Department of Public Works, please see Pittsburgh's Environmental Services page.
How do you pronounce "PGH.ST"?
We say /pea gee aitch street/.

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